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11x17 Card Stock Print.


Six Nations Abstract is a multi-layered painting that focuses on the Condolence Cane, a tool to help recite the chiefs of each Haudenosaunee Nation within the Grand Council. Above and below the cane are the moon phases representing the ceremonial cycle of the Lonhgouse, along with the ripe strawberries and blossoms. To the left and right of the cane are instruments: horn rattle, turtle rattle, bark rattle, and water drum. In between the instruments are six different strings of wampum representing the Six Nations. The Seneca and Mohawk Wolf Clans are addressed by the wolves capping off the ends, representing the Dark Doorways Wampum. A nod to Haudenosaunee basket makers appears above the wolves with a black ash and sweetgrass twist design. The vibrant purple border finishes the painting with embellished with white abstract designs.

Six Nations Abstract

SKU: SQ9770069
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